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Welcome to Summer 2019

Summer 2019 Welcome to Summer 2019! We have a lot of new and exciting things in store for you this summer. STAY TUNED! :)

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2018 Farewell

Romacan Farewell The curtain closes on yet another memorable Romacan summer. We are all still gutted from yesterday’s departure, and the echoes of th...

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Romrec, Week 7

Romrec, Week 7 Dear RR Families, I cannot properly put into words just how amazing and fulfilling this summer has been. I wish I could keep them here ...

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Romrec, Week 6

Romrec, Week 6 Hi RR Families, The summer never seems to slow down. Each day brings a new incredible experience for the Romrec girls. Deb Carnival thi...

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Romrec, Week 5

Romrec, Week 5 Hi RR Families, I can say without a doubt that the girls put on such an amazing show this past weekend! Grease was a success and the gi...

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Romrec, Week 4

Romrec, Week 4 Hi RR families, Another week at Romaca has flown by! It was so amazing getting to see all you on Sunday and the girls had such a great ...

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