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Think of Camp Romaca as a unique village with its own history, meaningful traditions, and the positive impact of continuity from year to year.

Camp Sisters

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The Leadership Team, months prior to the start of camp, carefully matches each younger camper with an older camper, who draws previous summer experiences to help the newcomer settle quickly into camp life. Once the season begins, older sisters visit the bunks of their assigned younger sisters every night at 8:45. The girls chat about how things are going at camp and the fun that has happened during the day. Older sisters then tuck their younger sisters into bed with a goodnight hug. This heartwarming experience provides an added layer of nurturance within our family atmosphere.

Unique to Romaca, this tradition continues throughout the entire summer, and endures each year for every new and returning camper.

The majority of our campers hail from communities throughout New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. In addition, we have loyal followings from many other states such as Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Florida, Texas and California, to name a few. International campers occasionally join us. This small group of young girls adds a special diversity and cultural experience to our camp family.