Leadership & Staff

Our Mission

To provide a nurturing, emotionally safe environment in which girls can develop Friendships, appreciate the outdoors and learn skills that enhance self-reliance, cooperation with others and a sense of belonging to community.

Jeff Saltz has personally owned and directed Camp Romaca since 1995. He brings a deep love of camp to Romaca, along with a lot of experience.

Originally from England, Daniel Atkins joined Romaca in 1993 and has been on staff ever since. He currently serves as co-director.

Lauren Barnett is devoted to working with children and teens. She works tirelessly as Romaca’s Head Counselor for the 1st through 6th grade girls.

Debra Princz, a second-generation Romaca alumna, serves as Head Counselor for the 7th through 11th grade girls with warmth and devotion.

Advisory Staff

Romaca chooses Group and Department Heads for their wisdom and expertise in a specific activity or programing area. These loyal and highly-skilled leaders serve as role models for our general teaching staff. Many of these fine staffers are professionals, educators and parents — strongly committed to providing the highest quality experience at Romaca. Parents enjoy regular communication with Advisory Staff throughout the summer.