Romrec Week 6

Hello Hello my lovely Romrec families, God how i’m going to miss saying that

Well another week has gone by in a blink of an eye. First of all the weather has been nothing but glorious and we are hoping it stays this way.
Where do I start? Sunday Grandparents visiting day was just so very perfect but also very bitter sweet as it will be the last for a few of them. The day was great. All the girls enjoyed spending the day showing their grandparents around camp, showing them their happy place.

Later that day once all the Grandparents left we had a camp favorite activity ’ Treasure hunt’. This is where the whole camp is divided into teams. These teams made their way around camp to different locations. The locations can only be found by answering riddles and that will reveal the locations. At these locations once the team answers the questions correctly they will receive a code. At the end of the treasure hunt the codes should crack the lock to reveal the special gift everyone so desperately wants to get. The special gift this summer is a pillow case, an eye sleeping mask and a cute door handle sign.

Later that night the girls enjoyed camp fire as ALWAYS. Sitting together holding hands singing the well loved traditional Camp Romaca songs always brings us together at the end of the week to remind us how grateful we all are to be here together. Monday morning had a very LOUD start to the day with the Debs so kindly waking us up to the sound of pot and pans to bring us together to flag pole to reveal their Debs carnival theme which was ‘toy story’ (debs story) SOOOOO CUTE!!!!

The romrec girls of course graced us with their presence with their paper bowl bras which they loved!! They served the whole camp popcorn, cotton candy and snow cones! Monday night the girls went into the rec hall and finished cutting and measuring the paper for the walls for secret show. The girls all worked so well as part of a team, measuring, cutting paper, and drawing the design off the theme.

Tuesday we had a normal schedule. Again the weather was PERFECT. Later that night all of camp was called to basketball where myself and the romrec counselors and a few other Group heads and Advisory were standing with the olympic torches and the crowns. Everyone was on edge!!! Was this the real thing?? Or another Romaca famous fake out!

We led the whole camp up to Atkins field where there was an olympics sign 2023. Myself and a few others lit the sign on fire to make the camp think it was a fakeout. Unbeknownst to everyone was that while we were doing that behind them 4 different color smoke bombs (Red, Blue, Green and white) were being lit when suddenly the 4 countries’ flag appeared behind them to reveal the 4 Olympic countries this summer. Everyone was SCREAMING!!! Suddenly everyone was running to gymnastics. Tears and nerves had started to kick in. Everyone sat around gymnastics in silence. The senior B girls sat in their circles. Clubhouse, Annex and Romrec sat holding hands. I was so personally honored to do the crowning first. After 8 years of knowing the girls I finally was in the circle ready to crown. I was SHAKING. I was walking around and around and saying the Captain of the white team which is Singapore is………. Hannah Taub. Everyone was screaming. Next up was the red team which is Austria who are being led by Jordan Kefer, Green team which is Ghana being led by Rose Korff, Last by not least is the Blue team Ecuador lead by Izzy Darras!!! Each girl so deserving and supported by everyone now has the honor of leading their team to the finish line hopefully in victory.

This week has honestly been such a world wind of happiness, tears and triumph by all. Over the next 3 days camp has become a place of healthy competition in a wide range of activities to see which team wins. Today is Tennis, Gymnastics, Waterfront and skits tonight. Stay tuned on insta as I’m sure you will see all the wonderful costumes and photos and everything the olympics has to offer.

Lots of love from me and your girls Bethany