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At Romaca, campers reach their full potential in each activity, taking pride in all of their accomplishments.

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Our staff understands the importance of timely encouragement — they understand that a little nudge at the right moment makes all the difference between success and failure.

Age-appropriate Scheduling

General counselors look after our youngest girls — campers in 1st and 2nd grade — and shadow them to-and-from all activities and bunk events, providing a little extra TLC. Girls in grades 1-5 enjoy a pre-formatted schedule of four periods — with activities specifically selected to provide a well-rounded summer experience — and one elective period each day. All younger campers travel to activities within assigned teams or elective activity groups.

Electives for all grades are chosen prior to arrival with the help of parents.

Older campers, grades 6-9 plan their own summer schedule of activities. At the beginning of each period, attendance is taken at all activity areas. In case you can’t tell, we’re a tight-knit bunch here at Romaca!

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Programing & Instruction

In general, we use instructional clinics to teach athletic activities and a modeling approach for artistic or creative activities.

Each period includes age-appropriate drills and lessons, giving campers ample opportunity to learn and practice. Most athletic periods end with scrimmage play, applying and reinforcing skills girls have learned. The last period of each day — an extended period elective for all age groups — affords additional opportunities for honing skills and practicing with teams.

Romaca’s structured program carefully balances athletics, arts and outdoor adventure.

Campers should expect to fully participate in all assigned and elective activities. Our skilled staff members appreciate that in order for campers to learn effectively, the staff must make it interesting and safe, but equally as important, they should make the lesson FUN!

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