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At Romaca, the secret to our success is our amazing staff!

Sure we have amazing facilities, outstanding leadership and an absolutely beautiful campus; but as directors, we know that only goes so far. It’s no wonder why over 96% of our campers return every year. Watch and then keep reading to see what makes us so special…

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At Romaca, our highly skilled staff is selected for their experience, maturity and love of children, with the majority returning year after year. Our Leadership Team and Advisory Staff members are seasoned veterans, many of whom are educators and work with children throughout the year. They bring decades of Romacan experience to the camp’s program.

Working as a camp counselor requires more than just an interest in working with kids. It requires a level of dedication beyond most jobs you will ever consider. There is no “clocking-out” and going home at the end of the day! You will be a “summer parent” directly in charge of a group of young children. These campers will come to rely on you to be their protector, teacher, big sister, problem solver, peace keeper and adult friend for an entire 7-week summer. Naturally, there is some time off, but in comparison to your scheduled on-duty time, you will be working very long days.

Ultimately, we seek dedicated women and men who possess the unique balance between fun, skill and responsibility.

If you feel you possess these attributes and qualities, then look no further, you have found your summer home!