Hiking & Overnights, Outdoor Skills, Campfires, Climbing Wall, High Ropes, Zip Line, Mountain Biking, Nature, Trail Running and Archery.

Nature Center

We love playing and exploring in nature…and hope you will too. There is nothing more central to camp than enjoying the great outdoors, which is why we built such an awesome Nature Center for you to enjoy. Nestled in a stand of coniferous trees, a spacious, old-time covered porch wraps around three sides of this large building providing shelter during rainy weather.

During Nature lessons, you’ll learn about conservation, regional plants, animals and insects. Let’s not forget about practicing your skills in fire building (aka s’mores building!), orienteering, building shelters, erecting tents, and wilderness first aid.

Hiking & Mountain Biking

Each year, you and your bunkmates will have the opportunity to go on an overnight hike. Under the watchful eye of our seasoned hiking staff, you’ll trek to places like Monument Mountain, Mt. Greylock, Sages Ravine, and the Presidential Range in New Hampshire.

The Nature Center also acts as our Mountain Biking headquarters. If you’ve never ridden a bike before - we’ll teach you how. When you’re more comfortable, you’ll be able to explore camp by bike, including some of the extensive trails we have around camp.

Climbing Wall & Zip Lines

When you reach the top of our 50-foot, four-sided Climbing Wall you’re just getting started. Once there, you can strap onto Zip Line #1 and take a fast ride 375 feet over roaring Welch Brook - or take an exciting detour via the integrated high ropes course towards Zip Line #2! Wow…what a ride!

High Ropes

Ready for some thrilling challenge? Ropes at Romaca is really gonna Rock Your Soul!

You’ll find 10 super-awesome elements, including a 2nd interconnected Zip Line - plenty to keep your heart pumping all summer long. From basic to almost impossible…we have it all. Certified instructors keep you safe while you see just how high you can go! Only the sky is the limit - or is it?

FYI: We’re gonna sing Rock ‘My’ Soul at Sunday Campfire.😉


This ever-popular activity will be part of your regular schedule, but you can always choose to have more time on the range during your elective period. Nationally Certified instructors keep the arrows flying safely and accurately. The archery is situated on a grassy plateau above our tennis complex.