Romrec, Week 5

Hello to all the wonderful Romrec families,

It has again been another jam packed week here at romaca. We started the week with the wonderful play of Spelling Bee which the division did great in, I don’t think any of us will have them songs out our head for a long time as they division was singing it day and night, but that goes to show that they enjoyed doing the play as much as i enjoyed watching it.

Monday we were delighted that the bugle went off an hour later than the usual time then it was breakfast and a good attempt at clean up. There were 2 set periods in the morning and then lunch, rest hour, rec swim and then time to get ready for TRASHION SHOW. Romrec grabbed their trash bags and ran off to the bunk to come up with fun and creative designs, they could all really be fashion designers… It is amazing what these kids can do with a garbage bag. The top 7 were picked and they got prepared to walk the runway for the whole camp to see. Dinner was had to help them all muster energy to dance the night away at DJ Jeff. Romrec was the main focus as they did a fabulous dance which was enjoyed by the whole camp. We all came together as a division and danced together, it was an amazing night that the whole division will never forget, and to top it off, DJ Jeff even signed all their T-shirts.

Everyone was in need of a late wake up on Tuesday morning which was of great delight to the kids participating in the soccer tournament in which they came second!! Well done Romrec! Birthday night was the evening activity, Romrec cheered the Senior A’s on in their song and skit, and they were the leading the dining hall in the traditional songs the whole evening. When it came to the teaching of the seasonal songs, Romrec were great leaders and made sure everyone knew the songs to the best of their ability.

Wednesday was a different sort of day for Romrec, it was the first of its kind actually. As no one, especially romrec wants the time to pass so quickly, I decided to make Wednesday a day where time didn’t exist. They were allowed to go to any activity they wanted when they wanted, they had meals when they wanted and just generally had a good old day trying things they haven’t done in a while, but also doing every activity they wanted to do before the summer was over. It was a day where they could all live in the moment and didn’t have to worry about time going so quickly. The only timing they had to abide by was evening activity which was campfire and I have to say I think it was the best one yet. Every person on camp sang as loud as they could as well as having fun and bringing so much energy. We ended the day with the division all sharing a memory of the day, and reflecting on what a great day it was.

Thursday we started our morning getting ready for our last Target trip of the summer, they all got everything they wanted and enjoyed spending the morning looking around the store and stocking up their fridge. We got back just in time for Debs carnival where the division was divided up into groups and each group was to work a stall, during their times off they got married, played games and went to see the haunted house. The end of Debs carnival meant that a circle near the Romaca R was formed and pies were thrown at each other, everyone enjoyed the event as a division, we sang our walk in song and then headed to the waterfront to get a little cleaned up before we showered and went to dinner. Again this week has been another perfect week in our beloved home and we really do not want it to end.

Until next time, love and kind wishes Leanne