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Romacans enjoy spirited meals, where singing and cheering are as natural as eating and drinking.

At home, standing on your chair and cheering may not go over well, but in the Romaca Dining Hall, you’ll fit right in!

Dining Hall

The Dining Hall immediately feels like “CAMP”
the moment you open the door.

The Dining Hall is modern, spacious, and timeless. Loyalty and Spirit Plaques honoring campers, staff and alumnae line the walls.

During the summer, Romaca is home. Like family, the whole camp eats together. Meals are served both family-style and on well-laden buffets. Campers and counselors sit (or stand or jump-up and down) at round tables by bunk. Conversation is encouraged all the way around. Counselors reinforce good eating habits.

Just don’t forget to sit down and enjoy eating some of the best food found at any camp.

Amazing Food

Our talented chefs offer lots of healthy, great tasting choices, kid-friendly entrees, an outstanding salad bar, plenty of vegetarian options, and freshly-baked breads and desserts. The menu changes frequently, so there’s no chance that anyone will be bored by the “same old thing.”

The day begins with breakfast and plenty of choices: eggs, pancakes, waffles, French toast, old-fashioned oatmeal, homemade granola and fresh-baked muffins — hot out of the oven. There’s also lots of fresh fruit, including seasonal berries, melons, bananas and sliced mango. For girls who prefer to keep it simple, we also offer a wide variety of yummy cereals.

Plenty of favorites follow at lunch: premium white meat chicken fingers, home-made pizza with various toppings, themed meals like “Taco Tuesday,” Caesar salad, deli wraps, and much more. Every lunch and dinner includes a fresh, well-stocked salad bar.

Special Meals

We have a traditional BBQ cookout every Saturday evening. Sunday mornings feature a late brunch with fresh bagels, lox, ‘the best’ donuts, fruit, pastries and egg varieties — hot and cold cereals are always available at breakfast - and throughout the day for snacking.

Special Diets

Special dietary concerns are handled individually and discreetly.


Romaca promotes a nut-free environment.

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Always Open

Don’t worry if you spend too much time singing and forget to eat — our dining hall stays open all day long. Stop by anytime you’re not in activities and grab some snacks and a drink. You’ll always find fresh fruit, SB&J, cereals and lots of drink options. Don’t forget about our famous chocolate milk!

Our philosophy on eating at camp is simple: If the food is great and you enjoy mealtime, you are energized and more likely to enjoy yourself out on the courts and fields.