At Camp Romaca, we keep things “country simple”.

Walking is the norm. We don’t drive around in golf carts. We build as much as we can out of natural, bark-on-hemlock logs rather than milled lumber. Bright, carefully tended flowers can be found around every building, under windows, on porches and throughout our lush grounds.

Over the course of the summer, campers roam over 150 acres of field and forest filled with white birch, sugar maple, spruce, hemlock, pine, black cherry, wildflowers and ferns. Patches of blueberry and raspberry can be found everywhere.

From any bunk, it’s a short walk to the dining hall, the camp lodge, our creative arts building and the theater. Further on, a quiet gravel road gently ascends towards the tennis courts, and then passes a lagoon on its way to the basketball courts, nature center, soccer and softball fields, challenge course, and equestrian center. From the heart of camp, cross the “Green Bridge” to an expansive lawn sloping down to the shores of pristine Plunkett Lake - where you’ll find watersports, the yoga pavilion and dance studio.

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In addition to regular maintenance and renovations, we undertake at least one major building project every year or so. Our Romaca craftsmen lead the way in creating some of the most impressive facilities in camping today.