Swimming, Canoeing, Water-skiing, Wakeboarding, Paddleboarding and Sailing.

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You will spend a lot of time on the waterfront — and most likely visit it twice a day: once for Red Cross instruction and then for free swim, aka ‘rec-swim’.

You’ll learn to swim or play in our two shallow water areas - moving on to deep water for more advanced swim instruction. If you are game, our swim team practices regularly in our racing lanes, complete with turn boards. There’s also a good, old-fashioned water slide…and don’t forget about our Wibit!

The Bridge

Everyone crosses from the main campus to the shore of Plunkett Lake via a picturesque bridge through the woods.

Skiing, Sailing & Paddling

GET READY to water-ski, kneeboard and wakeboard alongside our absolutely amazing ski staff! Many girls ride the waves for the first time at Romaca.

Our fleet consists of two inboard ski boats, Sunfish sailboats, row boats, canoes, playaks and paddleboards.

No standing around here…both ski boats have an open bow, allowing skiers to come along for the ride while awaiting their turn.

Hit the Beach 🏄

Whether you are building a sandcastle with your friends or digging your way to China - the option is yours. You can choose to splash, build, slide or jump your way through recreational swim (which we call ‘rec-swim’) every afternoon.

A few other things to keep in mind…

Safety is a really big deal at Romaca. Using a double-check buddy system, our Lifeguards, Water Safety Instructors and certified Skiing & Boating staff will help keep you safe and sound.