Romrec, Week 6

To Romrec families,

I hope you are all well and have been enjoying the Instagram posts from this past week, what a crazy week it has been. Saturday consisted of the famous “shack and back”, the division did so well, they were cheering each other on and enjoying just being in the lake. We all made it and signed our rocks and placed them for years to come.

Sunday was the day of Romaca Relay (formerly known as Apache) where the whole camp is split into 2 teams, green and white. Each team performed tasks as quickly as they could across the whole camp, it’s safe to say that a lot of running was done that day. The end of the relay was Romrec waiting by the waterfront to start their task of building a fire as high as they could to burn a salt water-soaked rope. Green were the winners, the victory was shared and enjoyed by the whole camp as we ran into the lake and sang our walk in, it was a truly magical moment.

Monday was a day filled with activities and olympics fake outs, including one by romrec themselves, they all worked together as a division to plan and execute it. But then finally it was the time for it to break out, everyone was anticipating a special video for Daniel’s 30th year but instead it was the Olympic break out, everyone ran to the gymnastics pavilion and the circles were formed. Olympics began!! They all fought fair and evenly until there was 1 winner, Monaco. GO RED TEAM!!

Friday was a day to relax and decompress after a hectic 3 days of Olympics and final preparations for secret show started.

Here is to another week of spending our time with truly amazing people.

Until next week Leanne