Romrec Week 4

Hello once again,

Another week that has gone in the blink of an eye. The first visiting day in 2 years was truly one to remember, especially seeing all of your and the kids faces during the softball game, i have never seen bigger smiles on the kids faces. So thank you very much for making this visiting day one that the division will never forget.

Monday followed with a late wake up which I think everyone was grateful for. After breakfast and “clean up” the division raided the wardrobe closet to dress up for spinning, there were dogs, princesses, disney characters and many more fun outfits. We then had snacks and then prepared themselves for Romrec Pageant, and I have to say their creativity never fails to amaze me. It was a super fun day that I know each camper loved. The evening consisted of them getting dressed in their plaid getting braids in their hair all to enjoy a bit of line dancing with Cliff Brodeur, what a fun night that was.

Another hot day Tuesday was, it started off with a soccer game which included most of the division, how much fun they had, those who didn’t play, cheered the loudest for their Romacan teams, what a supportive camp we have. But guess what?… WE CAME SECOND! Whoooo Whoo! They have such a proud group head. The division just had time to shower and get ready to go to Greylock for play rehearsals which fed straight into a social for our show Spelling Bee and back to camp to teach a little more of secret show, before the other divisions went off on their trips.

Trip day for the other divisions was a rest day for Romrec and I think it could have been the best day yet. They all woke up naturally Wednesday morning, had a spot of breakfast, placed our orders for lunch and then got dressed for a day by the waterfront. We caught some rays, ate some food, sat on the docks, jumped off the Wibit, swam to blueberry island and just generally had a good old day together, laughing, joking and spending quality time with each other.

It was another wonderful week at camp and we all can’t wait to see what the next week brings.

Until next time Leanne x