Age Groups & Bunks

Age Groups

Divisions are based on a grade-completed system. These 10 groups bear unique names that were created over 100 years ago.

Grades 1 – 6
Juniors 1st-2nd grades completed
Inters 3rd grade completed
Debs 4th grade completed
Sub-Seniors 5th grade completed
Senior-A’s 6th grade completed
Grades 7 – 11
Clubhouse 7 7th grade completed
Annex 8th grade completed
ROMREC 9th grade completed
Trainees (CIT) 10th grade completed
Floaters (CIT) 11th grade completed


Our distinctive bunks are constructed using bark-on-hemlock logs that beautifully complement our rustic surroundings. Inside, campers enjoy clean, comfortable and well maintained living accommodations.

Knotty-pine construction lines each bunk’s walls and ceilings, surrounding newly installed windows complete with bug screens. Campers enjoy modern shower and toilet facilities, custom-designed bed frames, and individual cubby space for personal belongings. While they may look old-fashioned, each bunk has electricity and a separate closet area with open shelving and drawers for smaller items. Trunks and duffels are unpacked on opening day and stored elsewhere.

Juniors through Senior-A’s (grades 1 through 6) live in beautiful log cabins with 6-9 other campers and 2-3 staff members. Older campers (grades 7 through 11) live together with their entire age group and their counselors “under one roof” in large, state-of-the-art bunks.

Trainees & Floaters (CITs) live together without campers while they develop the skills required to become counselors.