Staff FAQs

Where are your staff from?

Our staff generally hail from the United States, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand and several other countries throughout Europe.

How many staffers do you hire?

We have approximately 140 staff members supervising 250 campers, aged 6-16 years.

How long does the summer last?

Staff members must be present for the entire 7-week session, following our mandatory 10-day staff orientation period.

How many sessions does Romaca offer?

We have one, single session for campers.

Where is your camp located?

We are located in the town of Hinsdale, Mass, approximately 3 hours north of New York City, 2 hours west of Boston and 1 hour east of Albany, New York.

What’s the weather like during the summer?

The camp is situated 1600 feet above sea level. Weather can be very warm during the day (~85°F/~30°C) and cool at night (~65°F/~18°C).

How do I get there?

Assistance is provided in arranging transportation to Romaca. We provide pickups from nearby airports, train and bus stations.

How many counselors stay with campers in the bunks?

The smaller, 1st – 6th grade bunks generally have 6-9 campers with 2-3 counselors. The larger, 7th – 9th grade bunks typically have 30-36 campers with 8-10 counselors.

What’s the program like?

Daily life is balanced between athletics, arts, outdoor adventure programs, and special events.

Can I keep up with my workout regimen while at camp?

Our Fitness Center, which is open daily, is equipped with state of the art Cybex strength training machines, free weights, Spinning bikes, True treadmills, and Octane ellipticals. We also have a wide array of fitness balls, stretching equipment and TRX. For those who prefer, we also have an extensive network of outdoor trails - just picture yourself running in a Nike ad!

Do I get to swim in the lake?

We swim daily in beautiful Plunkett Lake.

What’s a typical daily schedule?

It depends. Younger campers follow a pre-determined schedule with one elective period each day. Older campers, on the other hand, enjoy a completely elective program. Whatever the age, the last period of each day is extended and serves as a skill enhancement opportunity.

How’s the food?

Simply awesome! Vegetarian options are plentiful and our kitchen staff work hard to accommodate special diets.

I play an instrument. Can I bring it?

Campers and staff participate in special themed events, plays and weekly campfires. Musical instruments are encouraged!

If I need help during the summer, who will I turn to?

Staff members are actively supervised in teaching areas by department heads and in bunk areas by group heads. These heads are known as Advisory Staff.

What should I pack?

Uniform shirts are provided at no cost. Generally, comfortable casual and athletic wear is most appropriate.

How much do you pay?

Salaries are competitive and are based upon experience and position.

When do I get paid?

All staff may draw on their salary in cash form on a weekly basis. Check and direct deposit options are also available for US residents on a bi-weekly basis.

Will I be able to check my email and social media accounts at camp?

Computers with internet access and satellite television are available in our staff lounge. Please do not bring personal laptops or tablets to camp.

Will I have any time off?

All staff enjoy (5) day-and-a-half blocks of time off (each one of these blocks includes an overnight); plus (1) non-overnight day off during the course of the season. This equates to approximately eight and a half days off during your summer with us. Many counselors use this time to explore Boston, New York City, or New England. In addition, over the course of the summer, staff normally enjoy 3 out of 4 nights off (~9pm - 1am), and scheduled hourly breaks at reasonable intervals during each working day.

How will I get around during time off?

15 passenger camp vans are made available for staff use after 9pm on most nights.

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