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Clubhouse 7 Week 3

Clubhouse 7 Week 3 Hello Clubhouse 7 Parents! We’ve had an exciting third week at camp! We started off the week with International Day, where all the...

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Clubhouse 7 Week 2

Clubhouse 7 Week 2 Dear Clubhouse 7 Parents, Hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July weekend! We have been busy as bees here at camp. This past week ...

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Clubhouse 7 Week 1

Clubhouse 7 Week 1 Welcome to Clubhouse! The land of 31 happily united ladies living under one roof and letting everyone know it! They are absolutely...

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The New Romacan b'Log

Dear Parents, Welcome to the new Romacan b’Log! Our original paper newsletter was affectionately known as the “Romacan Log”. Over the past many years...

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