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Clubhouse 7 Week 4

Hi Clubhouse Families, This has been a jam packed week here at Romaca!! Between Virtual Visiting Day and our trip to Newport, the Clubhouse girls have...

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Clubhouse 7 Week 3

Hi Clubhouse Families, I hope you’ve been having a great summer. We definitely have been here at Romaca!! I can’t believe we’re nearing the halfway ma...

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Clubhouse 7 Week 2

Hi Clubhouse Families, What an exciting week we’ve had at Romaca!! Between Fourth of July, Campfire, and a t-shirt exchange, the fun doesn’t seem to s...

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Clubhouse 7 Week 1

Dear Clubhouse Families, I am so delighted to be spending the summer looking after your girls! This week we have all spent a lot of time getting to kn...

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Farewell Summer 2019

Missing You Already Another beautiful and memorable summer has come and gone, and all in the blink of an eye. Just as it is for you as parents, the d...

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