Subs Week 6

Hello Sub-Senior families,

Another week, another blog! This time, I cannot wrap my head around the fact that it is about week six! Where is the time going?

Last week ended strong with Sunday being a great day here at Camp! We welcomed in the grandparents for the first time since 2019, watched the adorable Jinters perform in Frozen, participated in a treasure hunt where everyone received an awesome camp gift, and of course, ended the day with our weekly campfire. Although Sunday was packed, it was only the calm before the storm before the fun filled week ahead!

Monday began with an awesome carnival put on by the Debs. The whole camp woke up with the noise of banging pots and pans and then made their way to the flagpole to learn the theme of the day, Debs-Story! The afternoon was filled with games, marriage ceremonies, snow cones, and prizes. It was a fun, happy, sunny day here at camp and we can thank the Debs for a fantastic Debs Carnival 2023.

Following the Carnival, the Olympic hype began. Two fakeouts were had: the first by Alumni and the second by Romrec. They were both FUN, and convincing, and all of camp knew Olympic season was near!

“Attention on camp, attention on camp, can everyone please report to the basketball courts.” Tuesday night, breakout was here! Romaca was welcomed to the courts by staff members holding torches, and everyone was slowly led up to Atkins field where Olympic flags, torches, colors, and music were seen. Everyone was shortly called to gymnastics – the screaming began and the emotions were high. Olympics 2023 had officially began!

The Olympic games are currently in full swing and the subs are competing hard in all events the camp has to offer. Between tennis, gymnastics, plaque making, song learning, swimming, running, and performing, there is really something for everyone in the Romacan Olympic games! In these past few days, I have enjoyed watching the girls compete and be so confident, excited, and smiley as they do so. They have worked so hard in so many activity areas throughout the summer and the growth is just so clear!

That’s all for now…the girls are cleaning their bunks and making sure they are spotless for Olympic inspection. After all, cleanup is something the girls have worked so hard at this summer!

Xoxo, Hannah