Senior A's Week 6

Hello Parents!

I am so impossibly sad to be sending out our last weekly letter. However, I’m so excited for you to see your beautiful babies again!

This week was a whirlwind for us! We began our Saturday with rainy day activities, preparing for an all-camp activity to combat the rainy day, but we got incredibly lucky with some beautiful sunshine in the afternoon! We were very lucky to have a nice Rec Swim. We ended the day with a camp wide movie, Mary Poppins Returns, which was a nice treat for everyone!

Sunday was, of course, one of the best days of camp for the kids. We enjoyed hosting grandparents from far and wide to visit Romaca, some for the first time! The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so everyone was out and about, taking in that Romacan Sun. The campers had a lovely time hanging out with their grandparents and we even have some amazing staff members dress up as grandparents for the campers’ whose grandparents could not make it. We truly have some of the best staff around.

On Monday, we enjoyed a Toy Story-themed Deb Carnival! It was a rootin’ tootin’ grand ol’ time! The girls had so much fun dunking their favorite counselors, winning prizes, and getting scared out of their wits from the Trainee’s haunted house. We ended the day with writing some ‘jingles’ for evening activity in preparation for the upcoming Olympic games.

Tuesday was another wonderful day on camp! We participated in our activities and ended the day with BREAKOUT! This time, I think many people were unsure if this was a fake out or breakout, so we were all genuinely surprised when all the necessary elements were present! One of the best breakouts yet! This means that Wednesday was our first day of the Olympics and the myriad of competitions that ensue! The girls had a blast dressing up in their team colors and running all over camp. The energy and spirit levels at camp are soaring!!

Thursday brought all the energy and excitement as the campers participated in gymnastics, tennis, skiing, and more! The day ended with an evening in PAWS where the different teams presented their skits based on their countries. They were all so funny! Friday was the last day of Olympics and we had even more time at Waterfront and some activities with our land sports staff. Their spirits were high and colors bright. What a fun time for the girls these past few days have been!! We ended the night and Olympics season with Sing, and they did not disappoint! Once again, I am blown away by all of the talent this camp holds.

Love, Jess