Inters Week 6

Hello Inters parents!

We’re getting closer to the end! The weeks have become busier and seem to be going by even faster! Grandparents day was a lovely day for the girls and a very wholesome day overall, and a very special day for Inters grandparents as the Inters and the Juniors finally were able to perform their incredible rendition of “Frozen”!

I am so incredibly proud of the girls, In the short amount of time they had to come together and rehearse they absolutely smashed their performance, and brought some tears to the eyes of their counselors. They all did such an incredible job!

After such a wonderful performance we ended the day with a treasure hunt! Treasure hunt is where we have stations all over camp, and each station the girls have to unscramble an anagram to find their next location, and are given their codes. Once all stations are found and all of the codes are collected, the girls can unlock a treasure chest! Inside were Romacan themed pillow cases, door signs, sleeping masks and Jibbitz! (the last one I believe the Inters girls will be most excited about haha)!

We then came round to Debs carnival! The Debs have done such an amazing job at coming up with such a fantastic idea for debs carnival this year! Toy story themed! The girls were ecstatic, and enjoyed everything from carnival games, cotton candy and cookie decorating, a haunted house in the barn! And even a makeshift water slide which the greylock boys loved! We had a lot of marriages and a lot of laughter, we couldn’t have asked for a better day. We finished off the day with the Inters and Debs joining forces for their evening activity, making paper airplanes and racing them down at lagoon field, our OOBs were doing double time after the girls found out they made the best paper airplanes!

And finally, Olympics broke out! What a display! The whole camp made their way to the basketball courts where the tension was set and the torches were lit, the camp then made their way up to Atkins field where the olympics sign was displayed and then the sign was set on fire! Vibrant smoke bombs representing the team colors! Finally the countries flags for the four countries were revealed!

The girls then made their way to gymnastics, where the captains and lieutenants were revealed! You could hear the screams of excitement from the other side of camp!

It’s incredible how so much can happen in 1 day, 1 week, 1 summer! The minutes are flying by, and so many amazing memories are being created, and even though we only have 1 week to go, I have no doubt that we will make the absolute most out of it.


Kelsey x