Clubhouse 7 Week 6

Hello Clubhouse 7 Parents,

The girls started the week with Grandparent’s Visiting Day. The girls were so excited to show their grandparents all of the fun they have while at Romaca. After grandparents left, the whole camp participated in a treasure hunt. They go around camp and answer camp related questions for a code. They then get an anagram to unscramble to find out the next location they need to go to. Once they get enough codes they go to the treasure chest. Once all three locks are undone the prize is revealed. This year the girls got Romaca pillow cases, sleep masks, jibbitz, and a door hanger. They ended the night wearing pink at campfire.

On Monday was Debs’ Carnival! The girls spent the day eating carnival food, playing carnival games, going in a haunted house, and earning prizes. For evening activity the girls played memory charades. The girls each write down a few memories from the summer, we put them all in a box. Each girl acts out the memories until the timer runs out. It was a fun way to look back on all of the amazing memories the girls have made this summer.

On Tuesday, Olympics broke out! It was so amazing sitting in the circle with the girls watching them get announced as lieutenants. It shows how amazing of a bond our girls have when one person would get announced, they would all get emotional and show love for that girl! To say I was a proud group head is an understatement. That night the girls joined the rest of the Senior B’s and were “shotting songs” to use for Olympics while running from CH7, Annex, and Romrec. The song writing began that night once they decided on the songs they wanted to use. They also got to enjoy some pizza while doing so.

Wednesday was the first official start of Olympics. The girls participated in fitness, rock climbing, and softball in the morning. The afternoon had the girls working on their country’s plaques and songs. In the afternoon, the girls participated in the track meet. For evening activity the girls participated in PAWs activities to gain more points for their teams.

Thursday was the second day of Olympics. In the morning, the girls participated in gymnastics, tennis, and more plaque making. The afternoon had everyone at the waterfront participating in swim races and skiing. For lunch the whole camp had a silent lunch, which is always one of my favorite Olympic activities! At night each country created a skit about their country. They performed the skit in front of the Olympic committee and the rest of the camp.

On Friday the girls played volleyball with the Senior A’s on their Olympic team. In the afternoon the girls did more activities at waterfront. They participated in a small craft mixed relay. That evening brought the two most anticipated activities of Olympics: song and plaque. Each country came up with three songs. A sweet song, a cheer, and a pep. I know the girls had a great time experiencing Olympics as a Senior B!

On Saturday the girls will participate in Romaca Relay. The whole camp is divided into two teams, the green team and the white team. Can’t wait to see who wins!

S’mores and more, Cheyenne