Annex Week 6

Hi Annex Families

Hope you are all doing well, we are currently deep in Olympics right now. Our Annex Lieutenants are helping the Romrec Captains lead the way to victory. Every single one of the girls are so spirited, cheering loud, playing hard and even cleaning hard to get every extra point they can for their teams!

The teams this year are… the white team which is Singapore, the green team which is Ghana, the red team which is Austria and the blue team which is Ecuador!! Up to now we’ve had so much going on from water skiing, to plaque, to a skit to present each country, swimming, gymnastics, climbing wall and so much more! We’re praying the rain is our friend today to get the rest of landsports in and also small crafts! You can also check out “the torch” which is our daily goings on written by the trainees (it’s been getting posted on instagram stories). If you know which team your girls are on keep your fingers and toes crossed they take home the win!!

We’ve also got the last few little touches (a lot of little touches) to add to Banquet which is on Wednesday, as soon as Olympics finishes we will be full steam ahead to getting everything finished in between Romaca Relay, Secret show, Subsway and Counselor show. The girls I know are very very very excited to help Romrec get the wood for the fire at the end of Romaca Relay! (will fill you in on the details of that next week). And all of the senior Bs have been working so hard on Secret show which is on Sunday night. The song, the dance, the skit. I can’t wait to see it all come together.

Until our final blog next week :(

Lots of love