Clubhouse 7 Week 5

Hello Clubhouse 7 Parents,

This was a week packed with lots of fun activities!

The girls started their week off with their hike to Giant Mountain. The girls had to wake up at 4:30am to leave camp, which I thought was going to be difficult for the girls, but they were up and ready to conquer the hike! We drove to upstate New York, with a much needed Dunkin’ stop, and began our hike at 11:20am. The hike was way more difficult than any of the other hikes the girls have done, but they were able to complete the hike in about seven hours! It shows the athletic abilities of all the girls and the camaraderie they have as a whole – if someone was having a difficult time, the girls gave encouraging words. It was such a bonding experience for the girls! We settled into our campsite after the hike, really camping for the night in tents. On the way back to Romaca, the girls were rewarded for all their hard work by getting a Fribble (ice cream shake from Friendly’s).

On Tuesday, the girls went to Greylock to watch the Annex girls and the Greylock boys perform High School Musical. The show was very entertaining! Wednesday’s evening activity was practicing song writing, an important skill to have here at Romaca. The girls were split into four groups and given a topic to write a song about. They had 15 minutes to write the song then they performed it for the staff. The girls are so creative and were able to make some great songs in such a small amount of time. On Thursday, the girls played counselor hunt. The staff dressed in dark colors, painted their faces, and hid around camp! The girls had to go around with their camp sisters and find the counselors. Some counselors were worth points but some were worth negative points.

Friday was a beautiful day at camp! It was sunny, hot, and not raining! The girls got to enjoy normal activities during the day. The afternoon was filled with the Romaca Gymnastics Invite. We had three Clubhouse girls performing. I was so proud watching them perform their skills on all the apparatuses!

S’mores and more, Cheyenne