Clubhouse 7 Week 3

Hello Clubhouse 7 Parents,

The girls had another fantastic week at camp! On Sunday, we had an indoor campfire led by Annex. The girls made up hand gestures to a song and were happy to perform it in front of the whole camp. We had multiple tournaments this week including: lacrosse, tennis, basketball, and gymnastics. Our Gymnastics team came in first place!

The girls rehearsed all week to prepare for their upcoming show The Addams Family. We had the Greylock boys over to rehearse with the girls multiple times throughout the week, so the girls were very happy about that! On Wednesday, after some rehearsal time for the show, the rest of the Greylock Sophomores came to Romaca to have a social. The girls had a great time hanging out with the boys and dancing.

Thursday night the girls had an amazing time at DJ Jeff, as always. Of course with all of the camp’s traditions, the Clubhouse 7 campers had to dress up as “ugly nerds”, so that’s what the girls did. They had a blast putting their hair into crazy styles and drawing moles and unibrows on their faces. I joined in, and I think we looked great! It was nice to see everyone having fun with it and not worrying (too much) about looks for the night. This is really a magical place where girls can have fun and not worry what others will think.

On Saturday, the girls will perform their first show of The Addams Family and I’m sure they will do a fantastic job! It is crazy how much talent we have in this division. We are all so excited to perform the show for you on Visiting Day!

See everyone Sunday, Cheyenne