Clubhouse 7 Week 2

Hello CH7 Parents,

The girls had a wonderful week! It was filled with sunshine and lots of tournaments! We had three CH7 campers compete in a tennis tournament and won 1st place in all of the events. We also had girls place in a soccer tournament, swim meet, and lacrosse tournament. We have such a big group of athletic girls!

On Sunday the girls watched the Subs show ‘High School Musical 2’. The Subs put on an amazing performance and the CH7 girls loved to watch them. Later on that day the girls participated in Lip Sync. CH7 got to the final round and faced off with Annex. Though we did not win, the girls did an amazing performance and made us all proud! Evening activity that night was campfire so we were all back in pink singing songs while holding hands. Monday brought a normal schedule of activities even if the weather wasn’t the best.

4th of July was a day full of fun activities and sunshine! The girls started the day with making up lyrics for Rap Battle. After lunch they were able to perform the rap in front of the whole camp. Later in the day the girls got to paint their counselors in red, white, and blue. The girls did a great job covering counselors… and group head, from head to toe in paint.

On Wednesday, the girls participated in Staff Swap for evening activity. The girls got a set amount of ‘Romaca Bucks’ and betted on which activity they wanted. Once they got the highest bid on an activity they got to draw a counselor’s name out of a bag to see who facilitates the activity. CH7 won an ice cream party hosted by the OOBS!!! On Thursday the girls had a social with Greylock here at Romaca. They got the whole waterfront to themselves and were able to dance the night away with the Greylock boys.

On Friday the girls got to audition for parts in their upcoming play… ‘The Addams Family’. Expect lots of happy letters and phone calls from the girls once they get their parts back! The girls do their play this summer with some of the boys from Greylock. The girls are so excited to perform the play for their parents during Visiting Day!