Annex Week 5

Hi Annex Families

Let’s not talk about the fact that this is the week 5 blog!

We have had a jam packed week since I last updated you. Following our trip to Boston, some of the girls went straight into play rehearsal at Camp Greylock getting ready to “bop bop bop bop bop to the top” in HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL! With only a few days of rehearsal the show came together perfectly. Their favorite renditions of their favorite songs and obviously an opportunity to hang out with the boys for a few days. The girls were shining bright on the greylock stage and certainly WOW’d me.

This week has also been sandwiched between 2 alumni weekends. I know the girls were thrilled last week to see some of the old campers they remember & also some of their old counselors. We have the same again this weekend. It’s always a lovely time for people to come back together and also the first official alumni weekend since 2019.

Let’s see what else we have been up to… The senior A’s put on a beautiful Birthday Night themed as disney’s “Inside out”. A chance for the whole camp to celebrate their birthdays separated into the seasons in which their birthday lands. A night filled with cake (duh), fun food, games and alway always… lots of singing!

Speaking on divisional events… We are just about wrapping up the last minute bits for banquet! We have just a little under 2 weeks until the girls’ event they have been working so hard on. Lots of painting, brainstorming, cutting out 10 million… H****s (That would be giving the theme away) and wouldn’t be them without causing a little bit of havoc along the way. Can’t wait for the girls to show you all the pics when they come home they have done AMAZING!

Now time to get into those bunks and give them an extra clean once again for all the lovely grandparents to arrive. And let me assure you those without will have just as a special of a day with each other, myself and their counselors! Lots to look forward to this week from Deb Carnival, Romaca Relay, the big O and even treasure hunt!

Until next week

Lots of love