Sub-Seniors Week 6

Dear Subs Families,

It has been another busy week at camp! We began the week with Romaca Relay, splitting the campers up into teams of green and white (Go Romaca <3) and sending them off all around camp to compete toe-to-toe in activities in a race to be the first at waterfront where the Romrecers try to light a fire for each of the teams in an attempt to be the first to burn the rope and unite the camp as one. The girl had a blast cheering on their teams and enjoying the competitive nature of the day.

Soon after, the girls were running around dressed in red, white, blue, and green, so you know what that means: OLYMPICS HAS BROKEN OUT! Breakout this year fell on a Monday night and it was amazing, as I’m sure you’ve read in your letters and heard from your phone calls. All summer long, Daniel has been leaving little flags about camp as hints to the countries that will be showcased this year.

The girls have been waiting for this all summer, and after a few “fake outs”, were more than happy to jump into the competitive spirit that is needed from them in order to prove their team is the best. Over the past week, there have been a myriad of events for each country to show off their varied talents including a gymnastics competition, some tennis matches, and swimming relays!

The girls excel at everything and have made their countries beyond proud. The girls have been great with each other, not letting their teams come between them and the bonds they’ve made over the summer, so it really rings true that Romaca is all about friendship; not even the most anticipated set of activities of the summer can cause them to lose sight of that.

Another positives that I do have to mention is that their bunks have been the cleanest I’ve seen them all summer! Since scoring after clean up is incorporated into their Olympic teams’ scores, the campers have been working their very hardest to get the most possible points. This means that every area, really every inch of the bunk is cleaned to the highest of standards: their captain’s standard. It’s very impressive to see them pour themselves into something like this, even if it isn’t all that fun, just to help their teammates out.

As the games continue into their last day, hopes and spirits are high. Evening activities this week have been dedicated to games, skits, and songs. The girls have not disappointed! They have an amazing sense of good sportsmanship and fun.

Love Jess