Senior A's Week 6

Dear Senior A Parents,

It has been a very eventful week at camp! On Sunday we had Romaca Relay. The whole camp is divided into two teams: white and green. The girls go around camp to compete in activities in a big relay race to be the first at the waterfront where the Romrec campers build a fire under a piece of rope. The first team to burn the rope wins. The girl had a blast cheering on their teams and enjoying the competitive nature of the day. Once Romaca Relay is finished, the Olympics can officially break out.

We had a few fake outs between Romaca Relay and the official breakout. The breakout happened during Daniel’s 30th summer celebration. The girls were so excited once they realized that Olympics were breaking out. All you could hear in the rec hall was exciting screams from the girls. Everyone then rushed to the gymnastics pavilion to see who was crowned captain and lieutenant. Once all the captains and lieutenants were crowned the whole team went to the flagpole to start the opening ceremony. The captains walked from the rec hall to the flagpole holding torches. It was such a special moment for our girls. This is the last “regular” Olympics for them. Next year four of them will be crowned lieutenants, to help lead their teams to victory.

Day one of Olympics consisted of softball, plaque making, fitness, rock climbing, and a track meet. It was great to see the girls in each of the areas that they thrive in. Day one’s evening activity consisted of different games in the rec hall. The Senior A’s game was song identification. The first person to guess the song correctly got a point for their team.

Day two of OIympics had the kids participating in tennis, gymnastics, skiing, and a swim meet. The girls did a fantastic job in all the activities. For lunch the whole camp participated in a silent lunch. No one could talk or you would lose points for your team. It was a nice change but was super strange not to hear any chants. For the evening activity on day two, all the countries performed skits about their teams' countries.

Day three of Olympics had soccer, basketball, and volleyball in the morning. In the afternoon the teams competed in small crafts by countries and division. When the girls were not competing they were enjoying the water on such a hot day. That night the teams showed their creative side with the song part of Olympics. Each team created and performed three types of songs: cheer, pep, and sweet. Once that was over it was announced that Monaco won Olympics!! We finished Olympics with the closing ceremony then camp was back together as one!
Have a great week!