Juniors Week 6

Hello my beautiful junior families! Week number six is coming to an end and that leaves only one more week for us to have the pleasure of being with your girls. What a week it has been for them!

We just finished up olympics. This of course was the majority and highlight of our week. The girls did such an incredible job and they really had fun with all of it. We had a couple of what we call Fakeouts before the breakout. My favorite was when we got to witness when one of our staff members, Claire getting surprised by her two sons who came to visit her from the UK.

We had the real Breakout on Monday evening. We thought we were heading to the Rec Hall to surprise Daniel for his 30th year at Romaca. Little did we know the video would turn into the reveal that the Olympics were beginning. We all ran to the gymnastics area to hear who the captains would be. I cannot explain how excited everyone was for the Romrec Leaders. Our little ones did so well cheering them on and congratulating them. We then found out the teams. We had the white team Fiji, the blue team New Zealand, the red team Monaco, and the green team Cameroon. To end the night we had a ceremony that officially started the olympics. Then the games began the next day!

The girls had their days filled with team meetings, learning songs and cheers, and dressing up to support their team. Some days were relay races, some days were swim meets, cheering competition, and divisional games. Three days filled with excitement and support from one another. I am so proud at how hard our little ones tried for each activity. I suggest you check out our instagram to see some of the videos of our girls going all out to win. Thursday, the last day of the Olympics ended with songs and laughter. The red team, Monaco, won! They finished with one more ceremony and headed for bed.

Friday, and we are back to our normal yet still exciting activities. Tonight we have a game planned called counselor hunt! Wish us luck!

Each of us are spending these last days cherishing every moment with your little ones. Until next time!