inters Week 6

Hello Inter Families!

As we near the end of camp, we’ve stopped looking at the calendar and started wishing that time would slow down.

All through the week, the Inters and Juniors worked hard to perfect their performance of Willy Wonka!! After their final show on Sunday, we prepared for the much anticipated Romaca Relay! The Inters were separated into the Green and White teams and given stations to wait to be tagged into the relay. At their station, they were required to complete tasks such as apple bobbing, blindfolded hockey goals, and eating a donut off a string with no hands. Romrec finished up the race by burning the rope at the waterfront. An amazing day of events was finished with our traditional Sunday campfire. As Romrec sat down in the middle of the circle as normal, we saw something moving through the trees. The Alumni counselors came through carrying torches, dressed in red. As they walked away, the whole camp followed, bubbling with excitement. We walked all over the camp, gaining more Alumni counselors in colors blue and green. We all walked around thinking “Is this it? Is it happening?” but when we got to the gymnastic pavilion, it was clear they had us fooled. Inters new and old, were so excited to experience such an elaborate Olympics Fake Out.

Moving into Monday, the girls spent all day trying to predict when the Olympics would break out and how many more fake outs there might be! We finished up the day by throwing a surprise slide show for Daniels 30th year at Romaca. A video from all of Daniel’s loved ones and friends over the years, turned into the most elaborate Olympics Breakout ever!! The flags of each country had been posted on camp all summer, and no one even noticed! We all rushed to the gymnastics pavilion, where Daniel, Jeff and the Romrec counselors announced the Captains and Lieutenants for this year’s teams, Fiji, Monaco, New Zealand and Cameroon. The Inters were so proud to see girls who have guided them this summer be awarded this achievement.

Tuesday was Day One of Olympics. The girls met with their teams for the first time and signed up for events. They had climbing competitions in the morning and then had time with their team to prepare for Song and Skit. In the afternoon, the girls competed in a track competition, with races such as a sack race, three legged race, obstacle course and 60 yard dash. The Inters has such fun, excelling in the sack race and obstacle course!

On Day Two, the Inters teams competed in gymnastics and landsports. In gymnastics, the girls showed off their hard work with more hard competition. Those not participating in gymnastics went to landsports to compete in GA-GA. In the afternoon, we had a swim meet! The Inters, alongside the Debs, competed in Inner Tube Relay, Freestyle Relay and Medley Relay. They did amazingly well representing their teams. That evening, the teams competed in the PAWS Skit event. Each country created a skit, with tour guides that would show you around their country. We got to learn about popular activities, animals, history and anecdotes from every country!

Day Three began with a kickball competition for the Inters! The girls were split into teams of 10 or 11, and competed against each other to win individualized points for their teams. In the afternoon, the fun continued at the waterfront with the small crafts competition, where they competed in a mixed relay of canoeing, paddle boarding and kayaking. The girls then spent the rest of the day perfecting their songbooks with their team captain for closing night. Each team performed their pep, cheer, and sweet in the Rec Hall, rated by Daniel, Jeff and Advisory to finalize the 2022 Olympic scores. After the winner was announced, we all joined together at flagpole to honor our captains and lieutenants once more and bring the games to an end.

Friday, we had a much needed 10am wake up, some scheduled activities and an evening Activity of Counselor Hunt!

After such an intense week, we look forward to the final week together, with so many events such as Subsway, Secret Show, Counselor Show, Banquet and Our final Campfire, we know this week will slip through our fingers. Here’s to an amazing final week!

Love AJ