Debs Week 6

Dear the most amazing Debs families,

I cannot believe that it is week 6 of your girls being here! What an amazing week we have had. It was all fun and games and excitement for the debs and they thoroughly enjoyed all the activities.

We started the week off with the famous Romaca Relay on Sunday!! The whole camp was divided into two teams, the green and the white team! The teams had to go to fun activities at different stations and try their very best to win for their team to move on. The relay finished once everyone had got to the Waterfront and the rope was burnt, the whole camp were cheering on Romrec and it was such a beautiful end to the day.

You know what comes next… OLYMPICS break out!! and after several ‘fake outs’ it finally happened on monday night! We were tricked into thinking that there had been a cute video for Daniel’s 30th year of being at Camp Romaca (GO DANIEL) This turned into a video which showed that the whole time we had been at camp, the senior advisory team had in fact placed flags for the 4 countries that were going to be in the Olympics all around the camp without us knowing. The four countries were Monaco, New Zealand, Fiji and Cameroon. The rec hall was in a huge uproar of excitement and after the video, everyone ran to the gymnastics pavilion. Romrec, Annex and Clubhouse all sat in three circles eager to know who was going to be Captains and Lieutenants. This was such a beautiful moment for all the girls and the excitement of the Debs as they watched what they will be doing in years to come was so amazing to see. Once the teams were decided and everyone had celebrated for each other, we made our way to the flagpole and held a ceremony for the 4 teams to officially start the Olympic games! The next three days were full of chants, excitement and OBVIOUSLY games! The girls made me very proud with how hard they were working and getting on with their teams. The girls worked really hard on song, pep and cheer then the winner was announced….MONACO!

Friday was all back to normal. The sun was shining and the girls had fun during counselor hunt! I can’t believe that I am going to have to say goodbye to these girls by next week. We are all loving every moment with each other and I am reminding the girls just how important it is to enjoy themselves this week and make as many memories as they can!

Speak to you next week! I can’t wait to write to you again

Debs Mommy Soph