Clubhouse 7, Week 6

Hey Clubhouse Families

Week 6…. Whaaaat!? So not ready to go into the last week of the summer!

We’ve had a big week this week with the most hyped up event of the summer… OLYMPICS!

On Monday night olympics was broken out with what the girls thought was a 30 year celebration video to Daniel that turned into a video showing that daniel had actually been hiding clues of the the four countries around camp ALL SUMMER LONG! Of course as soon as the video was over the girls ran to the gymnastics pavilion to get ready for the crowning of the captains and I’m sure the most exciting part from them was the announcements of the lieutenants. Our girls first summer in helping lead their teams to victory!

The girls had a busy few days leading cheers, participating in pretty much every activity in camp in order to win points for their teams and dressing up in every item of red, blue, green or white clothing they had. The evening times were another game all together… the first night senior Bs get pizza and have to shot songs… the girls run back and forth across senior B side trying to be the first to get dibs on the chosen songs to create their pep, cheer and sweet songs for the final night. Which was amazing to hear how creative all these girls are in making these songs. In addition to this we also had the PAWS olympics in which the girls have to make a 10 minute long skit to showcase what they have learned about their chosen countries and also to create a storyline that intertwines camp life. By now I’m sure you’ve heard that the RED team which was Monaco won overall.

It’s amazing to see all the girls on camp come straight back together after being divided into 4 for the past few days. The girls have had a day to chill today and are ready to get back to finishing up ‘Secret Show’ which is on Sunday and also finish helpling Annex get ready for ‘Banquet’. Its sad that these are events are coming up and that the summer is coming to a close but i think these girls started this summer with a big adventure ahead of them, with the goal of the unknown and combining their divisions at the start of the summer to ending this summer’s adventure with 34 sisters, some they already had and some brand new ones and ready to take on the rest of the Romacan adventure as one.

We will have one final update next week, but for now we have ‘Counselor hunt’ this evening so I need to go get ready to hide in a shrub for the evening.

Lots of love