Annex Week 6

Hi everyone, these blogs are becoming very bitter sweet to write as I feel the sadness of us getting closer and closer to the end of camp.

Monday we had a few divisional activities to start the day off which was so nice. We have also been in creative arts in our spare time as we are busy busy working away on Banquet….. We still have a lot to do but everyone is working so hard together in order to get it all done. We have the girls on plaque working together to create a gorgeous plaque to represent the 2022 Annex banquet theme. We have scenery working so hard painting the massive pictures to cover the entire dining hall but they are doing great. The girls on the menu have helped choose and create the most devine food for everyone to enjoy. Costumes have also worked hard on creating a lovely outfit for everyone to wear to fit the theme perfectly.

Monday night was the night that EVERYONE at camp has been waiting for OLYMPICS!!!! This year’s 2022 Olympic teams are FIJI ( White ) MONACO ( Red ) New Zealand ( Blue ) and finally Cameroon ( Green ). I was so proud to be sitting in the circle with the girls when they were picked to be lieutenants and stand proudly beside their captions to help lead them through the busy 3 days off Olympic games here at romaca. Once the teams and captains had been chosen the Annex girls took part in ‘shooting songs’. This is an event that includes CH7, Annex and Romrec ( senior b’s ). The girls run back and forth between each of the four teams ‘ stations to claim songs for their own team to use later in Olympics. It was so exciting and such a thrill to watch all the girls run for their lives to claim the right to use the songs for their team. The girls were then treated to pizza at the end of the night for all their hard work.

The girls had also been preparing really funny skits for evening activity for the whole camp to enjoy on night two off the olympic games. Every girl was fantastic. It’s so funny to sit and watch the girls act out the advisory and see how they see us from their eyes. This week has been so busy with all the activities. We also had the swim meet yesterday, we have had basketball and climbing wall competitions throughout.

We are also going to enjoy Councselor hunt tonight as an evening activity and Annex will be very busy working together to complete all our amazing tasks. I can’t believe we only have a short time left, we just have to enjoy every last minute together.

Lots of love Bethany