Subs Week 2

Dear Subs Families,

It has been another great week at Romaca! The girls have been super busy between putting on their first show, tournaments, swim meets, and all-camp activities!

On Sunday, the girls created their own Lip Sync’s to participate in the camp-wide event Lip Sync Battle! Each bunk within the Subs division created their own and then competed against each other to see who would go on to the finals. They were so creative and brave, performing in front of not just each other, but the whole camp! Although we didn’t get first place, they still had an amazing time and as everyone knows, we’re all winners at Romaca. We finished out the day by going to Berkshire Bob’s to see an amazing display of fireworks! He never disappoints! The girls were all cozy in their camp chairs, sweatshirts, and blankets (of course accompanied by their favorite candies) as they ooh’d and ahh’d at the fireworks lighting up the night sky.

Since Monday was the actual Fourth of July, we proceeded with all of the typical Fourth festivities. We even had a patriotic-themed Rap Battle! Once again, I was so proud of the girls for their ingenuity and bravery to not only write a rap (or song parody), but then perform it! After the Rap Battle, we had Paint Your Counselor on the waterfront! We were all beautifully decorated by your girls in red, white, and blue paint (we had some Jackson Pollock impersonators and I think that it added a nice touch to the ‘chaos’ of the paint job). After they finished showing off their artistic skills, the counselors paraded across the waterfront showing off their work and the staff sang our national anthems, depending on which country we are from. We finished the night with a cookout and campfire down at the lake where Romrec introduced their new song, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”.

Tuesday was a bit more chill as we fell back into the routine of daily schedules. The girls are beginning to plan Subsway and they are so thrilled! On Wednesday, we had a Swim Meet here at Romaca where we invited other camps to compete against us! Some of our Subs competed and they did great! Thursday was another ‘relaxed’ day (at least according to camp’s definition of relaxed) as the girls spent the days in various activities across camp.

Friday was a Brother/Sister lunch with Winadu, so the campers with immediate family there got to have a nice visit which really lifted their spirits. On Saturday, the girls are going to Greylock to see the Senior A’s joint show! It’s a very exciting day for the girls, as I’m sure they are scoping out the boys they will meet at their upcoming social. That’s all for now! I hope you all have had an amazing week! Love, Jess