Sub-Seniors Week 5

Dear Subs Families, I hope you all had as fantastic a week as the girls did! The sun was nice and shining and spirits were high! On Saturday, we had Rookie Day, where prospective campers come and spend a day the Romacan way, hopping from activity to activity and enjoying our famous Saturday lunch: chicken finger and french fries! Some of the girls even got to see their siblings, which was a nice way to spend the afternoon. ON Sunday, we had a relaxing day with a late wake up for brunch. The girls followed a typical weekday schedule, saving the special all-camp activity for Monday. Monday brought us some rain, so we had the camp participate in Trashion Show! The girls were all given their own trash bags to transform into chic and eye-catching outfits to display on the runway (or in this case, the gymnastics pavilion). They did a great job, not only in expressing themselves, but also in their execution of the outfits and their catwalks, paired with the perfect song for each bunk. The Subs then competed against each other in a good, old fashioned bunk vs. bunk competition. The best bunk then went on to compete across camp, similar to Lip Sync Battle. Following Trashion Show and dinner, the girls had the evening activity they wait for all year…DJ JEFF! We had an amazing night full of dancing, laughing, singing, and just enjoying each other’s company and the ability to be themselves. They were given their DJ Jeff shirts beforehand to cut up and decorate for the night; they did a great job in making each one unique to their personality. On Tuesday, we had a late wake up (thanks, DJ Jeff) and followed normal activity schedules. For dinner, we celebrated an amazing Birthday Night put on by the Senior A’s. The theme was absolutely magical as they based it off of Harry Potter. The girls had a blast at dinner, singing songs, doing chants, and getting to eat with people that they normally don’t have the chance to! Wednesday was a typical day for the girls, followed by a highly sought after activity: a social! They met up with the Greylock boys on the Romaca Waterfront where there was plenty of talking, shy giggles, and even a push up competition between a Greylock camper and a Romaca camper! It was an interesting night, to say the least! Thursday was a fun one for the whole camp as we were woken up to the sounds of pots and pans banging together. It was Deb Carnival day! The theme this year was Paris, France and the Debs absolutely smashed it! The girls had a great time, eating popcorn, getting ‘married’, and zooming down the slip ‘n slide! The Subs ended the day with a karaoke night with the Senior A’s! Now, we do need to work on our karaoke skills as (in true Romaca fashion) the girls used the time to perform dances and lip syncs – which were also amazing! It’s definitely more comfortable to dance rather than sing, so I’m glad the girls found a way to make it more fun and comfortable for them! Friday followed typical schedules, but for evening activity, we participated in camp-wide “Counselor Hunt”. The girls split off with their camp sisters and went through the camp, trying their best to find counselors who have hidden all over camp (sort of like manhunt!). It was such a fun way to spend the evening and get all the campers involved!

Until next week, I hope you have an amazing summer!

Love, Jess