Sub-Seniors Week 4

Hello, hello Subs Families! We are at the end of another fabulous week here at Romaca and man, has this been a fun one! On Saturday, we prepared for Visiting Day by tidying up all of our bunks in preparation for our families. The girls were absolutely giddy with excitement and could hardly contain themselves. As you can imagine, it was hard for them to sleep that night! On Sunday, camp was filled with tears of joy, screams of excitement, and endless chatter as the campers got to see their parents and siblings. It was so wonderful to meet you all and see the girls beaming with happiness. I hope you enjoyed your day at camp and your peeks into the bunks to see your daughters’ summer homes. It was really great to hear all about the girls’ day with you all once everything calmed back down. Monday was a chill day at camp as the girls attempted to get things back to normal after so much excitement the day before. We had a brunch day, so the extra sleep was welcomed by all. Our all-camp activity was the Romrec Pageant, where the Romrecers are each given a bunk full of younger campers who then have free reign to dress them up and create a catwalk routine, a talent section, and a Q&A. They all looked amazing and it was obvious that the younger campers had a blast dressing them all up and participating in the pageant alongside Romrec. Tuesday was a normal camp schedule as the girls went from activity to activity. For evening activity, we teamed up with the Juniors at the Dance studio and made thank you cards for the support staff on camp (Wellness, Kitchen, and Housekeeping). They had a great time hanging out with the younger girls! Once back at their bunks, they prepared for Trip Day by cleaning up a bit and packing for the morning! Wednesday was HOT one and the girls were so excited to head out to Six Flags! We had an amazing day in the park and spent five hours doing everything from roller coasters to swings, to eating ice cream and buying capes (as is the tradition). The girls were absolutely exhausted from their fun-filled day so they spent the rest of the night resting up. Thursday followed the normal schedule and the girls were so excited to be the second oldest division on camp, as the Senior A’s, Clubhouse, and Annex were off on their adventures. For evening activity, the girls participated in a Rap Battle and did so well! Friday was a late wake up for the girls. We enjoyed an extended Rec Swim due to the heat and followed that up with a game of Kickball with the Debs and Inters for evening activity! We had a great week here at Romaca, enjoying some much needed sunshine and warmth.

Love, Jess