Sub-Seniors Week 3

Dear Subs Families, This was a jam-packed week for the girls! We had a great time, immersing ourselves in everything camp had to offer, from sunny days at rec Swim, to celebrating the many countries our staff has come from, to hiking and enjoying everything nature had to offer us! On Sunday, we had an all-camp activity called International Day, where the counselors from different countries ran a station that taught the campers a little bit about their homes. In South America, they learned to salsa dance and enjoyed chips and guacamole, in Israel they performed the hora and enjoyed latkes, and more! They each were part of an airline (Aer Lingus from Ireland for example) and ‘flew’ across the world to each station. They dressed up in the colors specific to the country their airline was from! On Monday, for evening activity, we wrote letters to our end-of-summer selves so that we could reflect on all we’ve accomplished and enjoyed over the summer. The girls really enjoyed this and while they may not appreciate the sentimentality of it all now, I’m sure they’ll look back on these letters years from now and be glad they did it. On Tuesday, the girls had their first ever SOCIAL!!! They all looked beautiful as they pampered themselves and wore their cutest outfits to meet the Greylock boys. They had such a fun time mingling and listening to music over at Camp Greylock. They were buzzing the whole day with excitement. On Wednesday, we left for our hike!! The girls had hiked up Monument Mountain and had a great time! I’m so proud of them and all they accomplished because it was far from easy. The girls all proved themselves to be strong and resilient! After our hike, we enjoyed some Fribbles at Friendly’s and then headed over to Pittsfield State Park to set up camp for the night! The girls built their own tents and led their own mini campfire session just like Romrec (“hi, my name is so and so, and if I were a TV show, I’d be…”) before the rain set in. After that, we all settled into our tents and enjoyed some much needed sleep after such a tiring day. Thursday was a bit of a rest day for the girls. We got back to Romaca around 10 am and the girls showered and relaxed in their bunk until lunchtime. For evening activity, we kept it mellow and planned some more for Subsway. This year is going to be fantastic! On Friday, the girls followed the schedule as normal as they got back into the swing of things. The girls are so excited to see all of you on Sunday for Visiting Day!

See you soon, Jess