Senior A's Week 5

Hello Senior A Parents,

The girls have had such a fun-filled week! We started off the week with DJ Jeff! The girls got to decorate their DJ Jeff shirts in Creative Arts after Trashion Show. This will be the last summer they do that because starting next year they have specific outfits for the event! They spent the night dancing away to all the good music, then enjoyed the much needed late wake up the next morning!

On Tuesday, the girls hosted Birthday Night! It was such a great night and everything went smoothly. Everyone loved the theme…Harry Potter! The dining hall was decorated just like the Great Hall in the films. There were even floating candles! The girls had a great time performing a skit and song, running ‘get to know’, and serving the food to the tables. It was amazing to see how well the girls ran the all-camp event!

On Wednesday, the Senior A’s went on their eight mile hike at Mount Greylock. This was the most intense hike the girls have done so far. It was great seeing the sisterhood that came with the hike. When one person would say they couldn’t, everyone else would tell them they could. The girls are more bonded together than ever, thanks to Mount Greylock!

On Thursday, the girls participated in Deb Carnival. The girls got to play ring toss, basketball, skee ball, slip-n-slide, and dump water on me! They ate French inspired food for lunch since the theme was ‘a night in Paris’. That evening, the Senior A’s and the Subs joined together and had a karaoke night. All the girls loved getting up in front of everyone and performing.

On Friday, some of the Senior A’s competed in the gymnastics competition that was held at Romaca. The Senior A’s who were not competing came at various times to support each other. For evening activity,the whole camp participated in Counselor Hunt. The girls had great fun running around camp with their camp sisters to try to find the hiding counselors in the hopes that they were worth the most points.

I hope you are all having as much fun this summer as the Senior A’s are! Cheyenne