Romrec Week 3

Hello again Romrec families.

Hope you are all doing well! Once again this week has not been a normal week at camp (not like any week at camp is normal). We had a blast on the trip to Cape Cod even though it was a teary start, but we made the best of it and everyone was in our thoughts with anything we did. We started at the Plimouth Plantation where we learned about life in 1620, we then ‘enjoyed’ a lovely walk through the Cape to go to a Grist Mill where we learned how grains are refined. It was a tiring day so we stopped at Chipotle for dinner and checked in early to the hotel to make use of the swimming pool. They practiced their DJ Jeff dance in the water, which ended up being a water aerobics class!

Day 2 was our shopping day, we broke off into groups to explore the shops of Provincetown, we ended the day with a lovely dinner on the dockside where they all enjoyed the sun setting and to have some time to just sit and talk with one another with no distractions. We ended the day with a walk down main street and an ice cream which everyone LOVED! Once back at the hotel they all broke off into their secret show committees and made a start of the big event of the summer.

Day 3 started at Dunkin doughnuts, which ended up being great fuel for another day of shopping and a few hours on the beach in Nantucket. We all met up after a couple hours of shopping and decided to get a shuttle to Jetties beach, we swam, sunbathed, read and practiced the DJ Jeff dance once again, to the delight of the public who also enjoyed the show. We got the last shuttle back and went to Oaths pizza for dinner which was so good that they were all asking if anyone had some left so they could fill their stomachs. The ferry back to Cape Cod wasn’t a big hit as it was late so everyone was super happy to get in their beds and enjoy some rest.

Day 4 once again started with Dunkin doughnuts. We then headed to our own private schooner ride, which was beautiful and tranquil. We were given a presentation of the boat’s history as well as a history into the area we were sailing around. A few brave volunteers helped to hoist the sails to get us on the move. A lovely lunch from a sandwich grill was had and back to camp we headed.

Since the trip we have enjoyed being back at camp and getting involved with activities again, we have enjoyed being reunited with the whole division and everyone is doing amazing. I am so proud of how everyone has fared this past week or so. All of your children truly are credits to you, and again thank you for letting me be a part of your child’s summer.

We are all super excited to see you on visiting day. Safe travels.

Yours sincerely Leanne