Romrec Week 2

Hello again to our Romrec family’s

It just seems like yesterday I was writing the first blog of the summer, my oh my how the time has flown. As you know we had the hike on thursday and I wanted to say how proud I was of each and every member of the division, we made it up and down with not so many tears, and there were only a few complaints. It is safe to say that everyone was in awe from the views from the top, I can’t wait for you to see all the pictures. We got back to camp and had a lazy day on Saturday which was well and truly deserved and needed, we then ended the day watching the subs show.

On Sunday we had a little liquid sunshine in the morning so we had a late wake up which was appreciated by all, and it also meant that camp was well rested for our rainy day activity of lip sync battle. The imagination of the songs and the outfits never fails to surprise me at Romaca, as well as the sheer talent of the children who go here, especially from Romrec. Romrec unfortunately did not win the battle but in my eyes and their own eyes they did, because of the amount of fun and laughter they shared with one another and what else is camp about afterall?… In the evening we went to Berkshire Bob’s for 4th of July fireworks. Romrec stood up in front of the camp leading us all in songs and just having a genuine great time, I don’t know what was louder, Romrec or the fireworks.

A late wake up gave Romrec time to get up a little earlier than they would have to get all decked out in their red white and blue outfits to run to flagpole, but not before the counselors ran around the bunk singing ‘party in the USA’ to wake them all up. We had breakfast and then prepared for the 4th of July camp tradition of rap battle. The whole division worked together to produce a rap which they then performed to the whole camp. Another year of paint your counselor, which really turns into paint each other, went down a treat, there was laughter, fun and memories made, as well as new tie-dyed sports bras. The day ended with a red white and blue campfire at the waterfront, and what a great campfire it was. Songs were sung, hands were held and jokes were made. The 4th of July plaque was also presented for everyone to see. I have to say the idea behind it and the technical skills were outstanding… Good Job Romrec! They also announced the song that they are beginning to camp, and what a good song it is. There really is ‘no mountain high enough’ to stop them from getting to Romaca.

On Thursday I had the pleasure of accompanying Romrec to the cheer competition where they came 3rd place!! They were fantastic and embodied the spirit of Romaca in every way, they were definitely winners in all of our eyes. For a treat because they did so well, we took them to get their first Topsy’s of the summer, yumm. Evening activity was a night swim which they all loved, and gave us a chance to relax as a division after a busy and tiring few days.

As you are probably aware, we are heading to Cape Cod this weekend and we are all so excited to see what this next week brings after this past amazing week. So here is to another week of fun!!

Yours sincerely, Leanne