Juniors Week 5


Hello my beautiful juniors families! We are finishing up a very exciting week with your Girls.

Because we are coming up to the end of the summer we are filling our days with so many fun events and activities. Monday we spent our day doing our fun activities and getting ready for… DJ Jeff! We all got to style and decorate some DJ Jeff shirts and dance the night away. I am not exaggerating when I say you could hear the music all over camp. I suggest finding some videos on our instagram. I was surprised at how long our little ones lasted dancing. It was a good thing we had a late wake up the next day!

Tuesday we had another fun day that ended with Birthday Night. Birthday Night is a night of celebration for all the birthdays we don’t have the pleasure of having during the summer. The seasons all get together and dress up accordingly. They sing songs and come together for a big birthday party. The girls really enjoyed it!

Wednesday was a calmer day with our activities back to normal. This was in preparation for what came the next day. Thursday we had Deb Carnival! The Debs division did such an amazing job planning and seeing this event through. The theme was Paris. Our girls had so much fun playing the games that they had, sliding on the slip and slide, getting wet from the dunk tank, receiving prizes, eating french food, and some even went into the haunted house.

Friday, I had the pleasure of seeing our girls play soccer during one of their activities and they did such a good job. Your girls are so talented! They are currently practicing for their play that is happening tomorrow and later we have a camp wide game called Counselor Hunt that will be held. It has been described to me as a huge game of hide and seek but each counselor is worth an amount of points. The girls are all so excited for it!

I cannot believe we have a little less than two weeks with your girls left. We are all well aware of our fleeting time and we are definitely making the most of what we have. Until next time!