Juniors Week 3


Hello lovely junior families! We are finishing up week 3 at Romaca and boy has it been a blast with your girls! We got to start off the week with International Day on Sunday. It was so much fun dressing up in the colors of different countries. It was a campwide event and we had different stations spread from the lagoon field to the waterfront. Each station represented a country and the staff worked hard to make it fun while also teaching the girls about each country. The countries of South America played amazing music, taught the girls how to do some dances, stamped their passports, and made it feel like they were traveling to these countries. Israel had girls up on chairs dancing to their music. Each station was unique and a fun learning experience. Monday we were back to our normal schedule of activities for our girls. They have been doing so good and are really comfortable with their routines now. The girls have been proudly telling me about all their accomplishments in activities. We have some girls climbing the rock wall for the first time, finally jumping off the Wibit, knee boarding, skiing, and so much more. We have hit a point in the summer where the girls are so comfortable and so willing to try all aspects of the camp. I am so proud of them! Aside from our events and daily activities, the girls know that we will have a special activity each evening that I plan for them. This week we held different contests of racing, rock paper scissors, and hand stand contests with the reward of cool erasers, stickers, and of course legal candy to be had at a proper time. We had Game night where Twister and Apples to Apples were brought out and had the girls laughing hard. We also had a spa night. Spa night was spent listening to and dancing to music while also doing each other’s nails and hair. We had a night swim too! The girls are so eager for visiting day and are already planning on what to show you in camp. Don’t forget to bring a swimsuit! I can’t wait to meet you guys! Until next time. Sophia