Junior week 4

Hello you beautiful Junior families! We are coming to the end of another fantastic week here at Romaca. It was so wonderful meeting everyone! I loved putting faces to the families that I have been emailing and to the people who have raised these wonderful girls that we have grown so fond of. Sunday was such a great day for the girls. We were bound to have some tears after you all initially left. I can assure you that they bounced back really quickly and ready for what the rest of the week had in store. Monday was a rainy day so we got to wake up late. I think it was much needed. We had Our Romrec Pageant. Our little ones were assigned a Romrecer and got to dress them up and create a character for them. I suggest you find the video on our instagram, they look absolutely adorable. After our rainy day activities, we had a big country dance in the rec hall. The girls loved dressing up and you could hear the dancing and music all over camp. We went back to normal on Tuesday and for evening activity we sat with the Subs and wrote thank you notes to all supporting staff. It was so sweet reading these letters and seeing them choose who to thank. Wednesday was Trip Day! We had such an incredible time! We first went to the Children’s Museum of Holyoke. They had so many hands-on learning activities that kept the girls busy for a good while. We ate lunch at the park outside of there and then went back to take a look at their gift shop before heading out. We then headed to the movies to watch the new Minions movie. The girls were so good the whole time. I am so proud of them and my counselors for how well it all went. They loved the movie and loved ending our day at Topsy’s for some well deserved ice cream. Thursday we got to spend some extra time swimming due to how hot it was and otherwise had a normal schedule filled with their fun activities.

I look forward to keeping you guys updated on what adventures come next with your girls. Until Next time! All my best, Sophia Lozano