Inters week 4

Hello Inter Families! It’s hard to believe that we’re at week 4 of camp, we just want time to slow down! This week we started by preparing for the 2nd best day of camp, after Arrival Day of course. With Visiting Day right around the corner, the girls spent time in Creative Arts making signs, decorations and gifts for their families. The girls loved seeing you all, sharing their camp experience and showing you everything they have been enjoying and learning over the 3 weeks! It was a joy to see so many smiling faces. I hope your families all had an amazing day here at camp, and enjoyed participating in a day in the life of Romaca. After a bittersweet goodbye, the camp was filled with cuddles to wipe all the tears aways. To carry on from such a positive day, we headed down to the Lagoon Field to have an all camp dance party and games to fill the afternoon with laughter! We finished up the day with some team games for evening activity, and settled into bed exhausted from such an incredible day! Monday rolled around and we decided to pretend it was Sunday, so 10am wake up it was! The girls headed to their first three periods as normal, then we went straight into the Romrecer Pageant after lunch! This consisted of a Romrecer being dressed up by each bunk on camp, as well as preparing them with a talent. We had everything from Gru, to Regina George and even Bob Ross. The Inters were amazing, dressed up as The Lost Boys from Peter Pan, Characters from Shrek, Hannah Montanas Crew, Villians from the Incredibles and Fergie’s personal shoppers!!! We finished up the day with line dancing at Cliff Broder. The girls learnt how to do Dosey Do, Promenade and of course the HoeDown by Miles Cyrus had to be played, along with so many others! We woke up bright and early on Wednesday to head out to Albany, NY to visit the Via Aquarium! They explored through the aquarium, reading about all the different aquatic animals from around New York state! They were able to interact with fish, learn about altitudes, the moon and how they affect the ocean’s inhabitants. There was a stingray bay, and we were just in time for a feeding session. Though nervous at first, the girls loved getting to feed them, pet them and learn about the different rays they had. They got to meet a stingray called Priscilla, who could do tricks such as splash or flips in the water. After all that fun, we headed to Washington Park in Albany for a picnic and to explore the area. We walked down to the duck pond, where we sat for our picnic, saw the tulips in bloom, saw the statute of Robert Burns, a Scottish poet and lyricist most commonly know for the song “Aul Lang Syne”, sang on New Years Eve. We enjoyed the beautiful weather by wrapping up the day with Tospy’s ice cream, where the girls were thrilled to be able to join the Romacan tradition of buying the yearly shirt! We’re looking forward to another amazing week up here in the Berkshires, and excited for all the events coming soon! Love AJ