Inters Week 3

Hello Inter Families!

This week we started off by heading over to Greylock to see the Senior A & Freshman’s performance of Matilda, and what an amazing show it was. The girls sang and chanted on the bus all the way there and back and had an incredible time.

Moving into Sunday, we had our all camp activity, International Day! All over camp, 6 different countries were stationed with popular food and activity from those countries. We had Scotland, with shortbread and ‘pin the head of the Loch Ness Monster’, England with strawberries and cream and ‘football’ (soccer!), South America with quesadillas and salsa dancing, Israel with latkes and writing a wish on the western wall, USA/Australia with fairy bread and a hot dog eating contest, and finally, Ireland with beer (apple juice!) and making rainbows and pronouncing Irish words! The girls were separated into popular airlines and “flew” to each destination with their passport, which was stamped at each country. They loved experiencing all the different cultures and listening to popular music from each country. We ended the day with a campfire led by Annex, it’s always amazing to end the week all decked in orange.

On Monday, we had another fashion show for evening activity. This time, we did Campers VS. Counselors! Each bunk was given a theme and the counselors and campers in each bunk competed against each other. Themes we had this time included; Tomboy, Beachy, Woodland Fairy, Western & Prom. Obviously all the campers won, they strutted their stuff and really showed us what they’re made of! On Wednesday we had Nightswim, which is always a favorite. We headed down to the waterfront with the Juniors to swim with floats, do as many jumps as possible and sing songs as loud as possible. They loved watching all the staff do a group jump first, and chose to do their own too! Thursday we went up to the stables with our two equestrian staff to help with the horse care. They were able to feed the horses, help bathe one of them, pet them and experience the barn. They learnt some trivia about horses with a card game led by the staff and finally finished by feeding the horses peppermints.

The Inters spent another week learning so much, and have been so excited to be involved in the camp’s spirit! They’re so looking forward to another week of fun and continuing to build the beginnings of their life long friendships.

Love AJ