Inters Week 2

Hello Inter Families! Another amazing weekend in the Berkshire’s is gone, this week we started with Berkshire Bob’s Firework Show on Saturday!! I know, I know, the third you ask? We just love the 4th so much we decided to celebrate a little early, and what a way to start. We watched the explosive show with excitement that carried into the day to follow. We started the 4th with Rap Battle, where the girls were all given a word to base their raps off of, and then performed them on the Rec Hall porch. We moved straight into Paint My Counselor, covering each other in red, white and blue paint and parading to show their handiwork. We sang national anthems from all over the world, and celebrated being together! Our final celebration was a red, white and blue themed campfire on the waterfront, singing all our favorite songs in front of the beautiful landscape. On Tuesday, despite the rain, we kicked off the week’s evening activities with a themed fashion show! Each bunk had a different theme to dress too, and had to pick a song that matched to walk down the runway! We had party, rockers, winter, hippies and 90s/00s themes, and they were AMAZING! They strutted their stuff to ABBA, Frozen, The Spice Girls, Miley Cyrus and Metallica (instrumental). It was such a hit, that we will be doing a counselors vs. campers themed fashion show in a few weeks! Wednesday’s evening activity was Staff Swap, where we give each bunk Romacan Bucks, to bid on special activities with counselors. A randomized card is given to those who bid, with either a good prize, or a bad one and the name of the counselor that has volunteered to do it! Fun prizes included; an extra sneakout, first to refreshments after Rec swim, late wake up and breakfast in bed! The forfeit prizes were; lights out at 9pm, last in line for refreshments and last to a meal time! The Inter’s had such a fun week learning new things and working on existing ones, all while smiling and laughing. They fill our hearts with warmth and love, and we can’t wait for another week with them.

Love AJ