Debs Week 5

Hello Debs Parents,

I am SO excited to tell you all about this week. With both the Debs show and the Debs Carnival this week, I would say it was definitely the most exciting and hard working week for the girls. I am beyond proud of them all and they were absolutely phenomenal in the show as well as extremely hard working in making sure the carnival was perfect.

The week began by the girls performing their Debs show on Saturday and Sunday, and what a show! The girls put a lot of effort into rehearsals which reflected in their performance. They started their show indoors and then took it literally into the woods. They sang their hearts out and supported each other throughout.

The girls got to enjoy DJ Jeff on Monday. We were dancing all night long. That was one of the best nights yet, looking around and seeing all the girls laughing, singing and dancing together. Tuesday was Birthday night, hosted by the Senior A’s. The theme was Harry Potter and we all got served food and sat in either Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter. After they had eaten, the girls played a big camp game called ‘bring me’ and the laughter continued on.

All week the girls have been so busy in creative arts, making sure all the decorations and stalls for debs carnival were ready. It was forecast to rain and thunder but LUCKILY, when Thursday morning came along, it was BLUE SKIES!!

We started the day by the girls waking everyone up by going into the kitchen and grabbing pots and pans. They were so excited to wake the camp up by banging LOUDLY! At flagpole the girls made a circle to announce the theme was PARIS! We then started getting everything ready! We all worked together making sure the Eiffel towers were in the right place, the wedding balloon arch was ready, the lanterns were hung up and all the beautifully made signs were ready for the stalls. The sun was shining, everything was set and the french music was playing in the background. They had all sorts of stalls from face painting to the haunted house. It couldn’t have gone better and we got SO many compliments at how well the day went. It really was absolutely amazing and I can’t wait for the girls to tell you all about it!

They had such a great week and now they can relax and have fun after all that work paid off! Have a fabulous weekend and I can’t wait to tell you all about next week!

Soph (Proud Debs Mommy)!!