Debs Week 4

Good Morning my beautiful Debs families,

I hope you are all doing well. They have had a very fun-filled week this week and It has been so much fun to see them all enjoying themselves. These girls are full of love and laughter and when they felt homesick after seeing you all, we all came together and made them realize that they also have a Romaca family here for them to lean on.

At the beginning of the week, the girls got to watch the Clubhouse 7 show which was Legally Blonde. They all had a great time watching the older girls. It was a great atmosphere and the PAWS department did a great job of the decorations for the show. Then there was VISITING DAY! It was a beautiful day in every sense. Everywhere I looked there were happy families having picnics and catching up about their summers. The sun was shining and all the kids were having the best time with their fabulous families. I couldn’t wait to tell you all just how wonderful your girls are to have and look after here at Romaca. During the week, the girls have had some really fun nights. They have had Cliff Brodeur where they had fun line dancing and singing along with the music!! They also did a late night swim which was awesome! The rest of the week is rehearsing, rehearsing and more rehearsing for their show on Saturday. They are performing ‘Into the woods’ and I have heard them all singing and dancing several times. They are so talented! They also had a Romrec pageant where the different divisions got to dress up one Romrec girl into a character and do a catwalk routine together. It was so much fun and the debs girls loved it!

TRIP DAY was on Wednesday. We set off to the first place which was the Berkshire Botanical gardens. I made the girls a scavenger hunt from scratch whereby they had to write down and find something on their tour around the garden beginning with each letter of the alphabet. They got so involved and were all trying so hard to find different things, really taking in what the lady who ran the tour was saying to them. The sun was shining and it was such a beautiful place full of interesting nature, animals and beautiful flowers. The girls, after the tour, sat down and we all had our lunch together and they also got to have some sweets! After this, we traveled to Northampton town and the girls did some shopping for themselves and got gifts for their loved ones. It was so sweet seeing how enthusiastic they were to buy you all treats and they also got some little treats for themselves. Once they had spent some of their spending money, we left to go Blueberry picking in Southampton and this, for me, was the best part as the girls absolutely loved it! The girls were amazed by how tasty the blueberries were and were all trying to find the biggest blueberry. It was the best day and it was so nice that they had such fun outdoors and in the sun. We ended the day with some ice cream at Topsys. We got back to normal on Thursday and it’s back to rehearsals! They are all doing so well and are so excited to show me the progress of their dance and singing routines. I got involved and I was being a tree for one of the scenes which I think I did pretty well at. Overall it’s been another great week!

From Soph