Debs Week 3

Hello again to all my fantastic Debs Parents,

Another week has passed and time is flying here at Romaca. The girls are fully into the swing of things now and their confidence has grown so much since I first met them all. They are all doing such a fantastic job and all of us are learning together. It is such a beautiful experience to be a part of and they are all so affectionate, kind and caring towards each other and myself.

At the weekend, the girls went to camp Greylock and got to see the Senior A’s musical which was MATILDA. There were lots of laughs and the debs thoroughly enjoyed going for their trip. The next day, Sunday , (SUNDAY FUNDAY) we had International day. Throughout the camp, there were different stations for each country and within these stalls was a chance for the campers to learn different cultural aspects of each country. There was Scotland, USA, UK, Ireland, South America, Israel. The girls were so enthusiastic and really enjoyed trying the different foods and understanding how other countries live. After dinner, we had a Campfire and it really is a time to value each other and feel the bond between all the debs.

Monday was HIKE DAY for our girlies!!! We arrived at around midday at the October Mountain and began one of the fun trails. The girls were fabulous and were very eager to get going! The girls were very determined. Despite the abundance of flies, it was great! All the girls were super cute, telling me all their different experiences of hiking and all the walks they have been on with all of you at home. Once we had finished, we had sandwiches and performed a talent show. They were so funny and creative. After the talent show, all the girls worked together with the counselors and myself to set up the tents. It was so lovely to see them all working together as a team and helping each other. Whilst the girls were changing into their pjs, the staff made them smores which involved me getting a lot of sticky marshmallow all over my hands. All the girls got to wish Dylan and Taylor a happy birthday and we sang to them before enjoying our smores! We arrived back the following morning and the girls had a well deserved rest.

The girls all week have been really getting into all their activities and have so much enthusiasm! They continue to keep that energy even for evening activities. One evening we played statues where the girls had to use random clothes and items from their bunks and reenact situations. The girls also played a special game to capture the flag but instead of a flag they had to capture the hula hoop One team dressed in white and the other in black. It was so fun and they all loved running around with their friends.

Another fun packed week at Romaca ends in visiting day, and I can’t wait to meet you all. Sophie