Debs Week 2

Hello to all my lovely Debs Parents,

We have had another amazing week with your wonderful and creative girls! The more I get to know the girls, the more I simply love them to bits! Here is a little snippet of our week 2 together. First of all, the girls are absolutely thrilled because preparations for Debs Carnival are already underway and the girls CAN’T WAIT!! They are so excited and I was just as excited watching them come up with ideas and get so into the discussions! They came up with a theme which was difficult to decide as they had SO MANY good ideas. We have discussed what committee’s they are going to be in and they are all working so well together to make this carnival the best yet. They have already started designing and bringing their ideas to life and it is so nice to see them all working together as a big Debs family to make it as great as possible. Secondly, 4TH JULY WEEKEND was just a blast! We started the weekend on the 3rd watching fireworks at Berkshire Bobs. The girls had so much fun with all their camp friends and even the journey there was fun on the buses, singing camp songs all the way. On the 4th, the girls had a great time painting all the counselors and myself on the lagoon field. There was constant laughter and the counselors and I were COVERED in paint as well as your fabulous children. After we had cleaned off in the lake, we had a lovely campfire all together and it was the perfect end to a perfect day. The girls have had a bit more of a chilled time after the mad weekend that was 4th July weekend by writing a letter to themselves. The girls got in their pjs and made a letter of all the things they wanted from their time at Romaca. It was lovely to watch the girls think about what they truly wanted from the summer and allowed them to think about their goals together. The girls are doing amazing and they have settled in so well! They have thoroughly enjoyed their second week and I can’t wait to tell you about what their third week brings.

Love from Sophie